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In cases where it is determined that legal action needs to be taken to recover funds, CrediSolve utilizes a network of attorneys that can file suit on your behalf in the debtor's jurisdiction.  CrediSolve always requires written permission to initiate a lawsuit and will utilize information gathered during the collection process to make a proper recommendation on the best course of action.


Too many times collection agencies recommend litigation without having done the proper research on the financial stability of the debtor.  While legal action may lead to obtaining a successful judgment on the client's behalf, this does not always lead to recovering money.  Therefore, CrediSolve provides informed recommendations to mitigate the risk of "throwing good money after bad."

CrediSolve's commitment is to recommend legal action in cases where it is determined there is a strong likelhood of recovering funds by filing suit.  CrediSolve's network of attorneys do not require up front non-contingent suit fees to initiate legal action.  The only costs associated with filing legal action are actual court fees and the continency fee on amounts recovered.

CrediSolve will manage the case information with attorneys, actively monitor legal proceedings, and regularly report to you on filing activities.



Professional Recommendations - Legal action will only be recommended based on financial details gathered through informed research so you don't spend time and money pursuing fruitless cases
Quality Legal Representation - We have developed a robust national and international network of attorneys that specialize in collection cases to maximize results
No Non-Contingent Suit Fees - Utilizing CrediSolve's network of attorneys enables you to initiate legal action without the high cost of up front fees that are only serve to compensate attorneys before any money is recovered
Customized Timely Reporting - You are alerted to significant occurrences to keep you updated on your case's progress