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If you do not have the time available to work past due accounts effectively or are tired of paying a collection agency a commission for collecting from your customers, International Credit Auditors (ICA) is for you!

Using conventional collection agency services typically signals the end of your working relationship with a customer.  Not so, with ICA's precollection system!  ICA is designed to help you increase the urgency your customer feels to pay their debt sooner without harming your working relationship.

ICA is the pre-collection division of CrediSolve.  This customizable pre-collection system has been developed as an effective low-cost alternative to traditional third party collection services, yet provides the benefits realized through licensed collections professionals.  Instead of paying a contingent commission on amounts recovered, ICA's services are provided for a simple flat fee, regardless of account balance size.  Many of our clients have discovered that our fees are lower than the costs of their own internal efforts to make repeated attempts to reach their past due customers.

The pre-collection service enables our clients to collect on slow paying customers quickly and significantly reduces the necessity of conventional third party collection services.


Please ask about our FREE TEST offer to experience ICA's effectiveness and savings for yourself.  You are under NO OBLIGATION after trying our service to see how it performs on your past due customers.  To try now, simply submit contact us at info@creditauditors.com or call toll free at 888.659.8096.




Extremely Low Cost - No percentage commissions.  Low flat rate regardless of dollar amount placed
Third Party Psychology - Customers will pay your bill first, making other creditors wait
Personal Calls - Phone calls to customers by licensed collection professionals are included for added impact
Hand-Signed Letters - No "form" letters that end up being ignored
Money Sent to You - You benefit by receiving payments directly, no third party handling of your funds
Client Control - You can work out repayment details to your satisfaction when customers contact you
Keep Relationships Intact - ICA's system is specifically designed to retain your customer relationships, not destroy them